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sok ly said...

Criticism of UN Security Council reform
One suggestion of override the veto power is to increase the proportion of voting. You said if there is a veto vote then the proportion of 9 out 15 will increase to 11 out of 15 (2 more votes needed). If there are 2 veto votes then the proportion will increase to 14 out of 15 (3 more extra votes needed). It is reasonable to increase to 11 out of 15, but increase to 14 out of 15 is unreasonable. If there are 2 veto votes, there are only 13 votes which left. Thus, how can you get 14 votes? It is reasonable if you increase to 13 out of 15 if there are 2 veto votes.
Other point is about the majority of P5. As you said if there are 3 veto votes than Security Council can not override the veto votes because 3 veto votes is a majority within the P5. If you use the principle of democracy, it is good reason. However, why don’t you consider about the majority of non-permanent member. The majority of P5 don’t represent the majority of Security Council. If all members of non-permanent member plus 2 of the P5 agree, it seems they are the majority of the Security Council (if 2 votes of non-permanent member equal one vote of P5). Thus, we still override the veto power.
Another voting procedure is a mechanism whereby Security Council members could call for a paragraph by paragraph vote on resolutions. By doing this, the whole resolution won’t get stuck because of the veto. Members of the UNSC could vote affirmatively on paragraph that they like and veto part that they don’t like. However, if the resolution contains one clause of one paragraph, how to pass the resolution if there is the veto vote. Moreover, if they agree of one paragraph and disagree on one paragraph, how can we issue the resolution which can implement only half to it? If the resolution has related clauses of paragraphs, disagreement of one clause or paragraph will make the whole resolution get struck.
As you suggestion, if we can override the veto power, it is unnecessary to increase the member of Security Council.